Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Project 7 West Office David Kalkbrenner

Our field trip to the West Office Design Exhibition was a very eye opening experience into the world of exhibits and design. Compared to Mauk Design, the place was very large as it has a bottom floor and a loft area with more offices. The space was very open and allowed for a lot of creative output. I would not mind attending this place everyday for work.

We first were taken into a meeting room where we were given a presentation of what West Office Design is all about. West Office is an incredibly niche design firm. One could count most of their clients in a three-page list. They do mainly museums displays, most of which certain parts are formulated in their actual offices.

They went over their design process and explained their six-step design process ranging from master planning to installation and opening. Their work is pretty amazing to look at as they do very large exhibits that require a lot of detail.

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