Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Structure Sketches

Here are some rough sketches of ideas for the display. They were drawn on that cardboard-colored paper so please excuse the quality :(

Below is the suggested layout of the shelving units. The zigzag shape can be mirrored on the other side and separated with a wall in the middle (which wouldn't really obstruct any view since you can see through the shelves)

Below is a (very simple) proposed solution for the digital media display. There would be screens attached on the same units that hold the 2D pieces, and the computer screen would be projected onto the screen, so it would look like the digital media is a 2D piece and everyone can see it, not just the person on the laptop. Also, it would be interesting to have the computer screen projected from behind the screens, so people can walk in font of them. maybe they could even be in a location away from the laptops so people could see what is going on on the laptops without seeing the user.

The sketch below the digital media station is a way to display 3D objects that require signage. It would use the same shelf structure used for the 2D, and incorporate the boxes used to hold the 3D, so this piece would really tie the two together and act as the key piece to bring the exhibit together. The signs could be either hung above or strung on wires that run from top to bottom, like in the 2D display cases.

shelving structure shapes:
More whimsical (and less realistic) ideas for the shelves:
Here is a drawing of a sort of facade that we would use to hide the bars that hold the wires at the top of the frame: (this is referring to the frames from the first sketch)


  1. I was thinking what if the structures are very light and airy and the only solid elements are side elements, homasote or plywood, which could then be reused as panels in DAI space. I will show you a sketch in class.

  2. are any of the structures you proposed forkliftable?