Friday, March 5, 2010

final logos


  1. Just to clarify, my two logos are just different ways of using them. They are still the same logo. I just wanted to show an example if we were ever to use a copout, for example if we design a postcard with a full bleed image/photo. Ultimately, I will be asking pino for the final vote, but if you would like to, please vote for the final logo.

  2. Jenny, Alfred, James, and the graphics team: I think we can do better than this.
    The first logo I don't understand: fans? On a practical level, the triangles ending in very thin lines are problematic for printing – they will fill in and look messy. The upper case P messes up the letter-spacing. In both logos the letters part and the other shapes part are not integrated, just next to each other. In the second logo I wanted to pick up a rhythm of dots but got lost: is it a dot for every letter? or every stroke? There is no pattern, no "melody". Looks too much like a simple dotted line, but then it ends to make room for the tagline.
    Of the two, the second is more together but still not very exciting. The words inside the letters will have the problem of ink fill-in described above, they also look like fashion accessory pattern.
    I know you guys worked really hard and I appreciate your dedication. I also looked at all the other logos posted on the blog. There were some good ideas there and will send more comments tomorrow. Stefanos initial logo still seems stronger and if legibility is a problem I think I saw some attempts to test the limits of his design, I guess these got voted down...
    What happened to "the rhythms of design". "living through design" describes a style of living but we need to be describing the design process and the show itself. Right now it sounds like a tagline for a product. This tagline does not take advantage of all the associations connected to "pulse", like rhythm, pattern, meter, cycles, phases, etc. It does it only in a very general way: the pulse of life, but since life covers everything, we need to be more focused and try to bring it back to the specifics of design.
    I just looked at all the logos again. I will collect some of the examples that had potential: blurred and textured effects and in general those that have a more "made with your hands" look.
    I realize these comments are mostly critical and only somewhat constructive, so I will work more on this tomorrow (Saturday) and try to show you some examples of what I mean. I can also meet on Sunday with anyone from graphics that is available to try to pin the design down.
    I posted two short videos: one about focaccia packaging. Take a look, I will bring some on Tuesday, I think we need it :-)
    The other is the Olympic Icons animated timeline, which is a lot of fun.

  3. Please don't mess with the tag line. It's one more thing that is fine the way it is and messing with it only gives a new meaning to the logo. With a new meaning to the logo it means taking more time to design something that the basis has already been established.

    I am at a loss for words.

    Please bring some Irish Whiskey to class with you on Tuesday along with the focaccia. I'll need both!

  4. If you look at the previous versions of my logo you will notice that the tagline is "a design accent". The graphics team felt like the word rhythms sounded too much like music. So I looked up definitions for rhythm to look for another word, and one of the definitions had the word "accent" –movement or procedure with uniform or patterned recurrence of a beat, "accent", or the like. So what do you guys think? I feel like this sounds more design rather than music

  5. Also, the words in the background is supposed to reflect the "spectrum lines" that Pino suggested a few days ago. I originally had them as just regular lines. And for stefano's idea, yes it was hard for others to read. I believe James showed it to other students out of the exhibits class as well as a few DAI instructors and I think they said that they didn't read "in pulse"