Friday, March 5, 2010


I thought I'd contribute. That's my idea, not quite there. Still things to add. Size was arbitrary and it needs fixing, but here it is


  1. I do like this logo. It is clean and modern and incorporates characteristics that we discussed friday as a group.

    The reason we had to redesign the logo was because outsiders and even DAI professors had no idea it read "in-pulse". They even thought it was intended to read "interpulse". so that is why we all separated the two words noticeably.

    I actually really do like this idea but don't think we have time to edit a new logo idea and re-vote due to the fact that we have a item going out this weekend(tomorrow) that needs a final logo. Plus, this was all supposed to be done weeks ago so we can't drag on any longer.

    Maybe Pino will make a final decision on Tuesday but as of now I think we have to stick to the two logos below. It would help if you could vote on one:)

  2. This looks good as a design, but it doesn't work as a black and white logo, which is the problem we were facing in the beginning.