Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project 7 West Office Victoria Gouzikovski

The trip to West Office Exhibition Design was very informative about exhibit design. I liked the very creative, free atmosphere in the studio. The walls lined in projects, the models covering the tables, and the many books lining their shelves served as inspiration and overview for current projects. What really added to the atmosphere was how organized everything was! You would think that with a creative place where they work on multiple projects at a time would be a bit chaotic, or at least somewhat cluttered- and the orderly environment seems to enhance efficiency and even creativity in the company.

During their explanation of their creative process I noticed that they were just as organized when it came to deadlines and their workflow. This is probably why the company is so successful! They mapped out everything from master planning, to concept design, to design development, and so on. The niche design firm has around 18 people working for it at the moment so I suppose they have to be even more organized than smaller companies, but this amount of people proves to be an advantage for them since they know how to organize such a crowd.

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