Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stream wall structure 3-22-2009

The current design (drawings by Paul C.)
3/4" plywood and 6mm white sintra.


  1. Hey Pino,

    After closer review, it seems that the current wall design was illustrated (designed?) by Paul Carlson.
    I do also think that you could incorporate some of the features of Sean Fridman’s with the double wall “skinned” end posts as possible “Entry” and/or “Center” pieces/units. Since these would be limited units (2 – 6), they may be justified in time fabrication and intricacy.

    Perhaps you could email the “core” group of the exhibits structures team to see if they were available anytime between Tuesday and Thursday of this week.(?)


    From: Ricardo Gomes []
    Sent: Sunday, March 22, 2009 2:05 PM
    To: 'Pino Trogu'
    Cc: 'Jim T.'; Milan; 'Rosa Isela Valencia'; ''; mark kelley (
    Subject: RE: 524 Exhibit Design - Spring 2009 : Stream wall structure 3-22-2009

    Hello Pino,

    Are you interested in getting started with the acquisition of materials and fabrication of the exhibits structures over the Spring Break?
    It would appear to be an ideal time to get started on the confirmed exhibit design components, while you may want further time to
    resolve other exhibit structural components with the exhibit time after the Spring Break.

    Over the Spring Break there would be no students, or classes scheduled in the lab, therefore we could dedicate the ShopBot time to
    This focused exhibit fabrication task.

    I am willing to make myself available to “supervise/oversee” this effort, Mon –Wed, if we can identify student, or lab tech assistance.
    I am copying Mark Kelley and Milan Bhatt to see if they can be available this week for about 3 days, or 12 – 18 hours of work. I am willing
    To cover Mark’s additional hours, as well as look into the possibility of contracting Victor Zamora for some billable lab assistant hours,
    Contingent upon their availability over the Spring Break. I am copying all of them, including Jim Tay and Rosa.

    Also we certainly would need the presence and input of the students who are central to the exhibit design concepts, like Paul Carlson and Sean Fridman.

    Please let me know where you stand with the possibility of ordering material on Monday. If we do order material we could start fabrication on the ShopBot on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.



  2. i like the new designed and more then happy to help build it this spring break.

  3. I'd like to see a production timeline, and or a realistic production schedule before we commit to sponsorship.