Monday, March 2, 2009

Logo comparison

Hi all,

I took sherwin's, micah c's, and thomas' logos and put them on the same page for comparison. I didn't have Alix's but I saw one on the blog that was a variation of sherwin's. I added the test graphic to all of them to see how they would stand out in context. btw I didn't have the tagline font, so don't use any of these for final.

Here are my comments:
They are all strong but I think the design on top (sherwin's) has just a few more things going for it.

Sherwin's (top)
the logotype fits into a horizontal band, except for the 20, accentuating the sideways movement. the "e" is a strong focal point, it's symmetrical in both directions. there is a balance between the positive and negative spaces. the cuts through the s and the t could be a bit larger maybe.

Thomas' (middle)
it's also strong however the curve does not work so well with the tagline and also it looses its "fluidity" at a smaller scale. I would move the 20 outside as well. someone mentioned that the 20 is confusing, I think it's ok to have a bit of unknown, it just sounds good when you read stream twenty together.

Micah C's (bottom)
also strong and very fluid. the white stripe gets lost a bit at small scale. because of the extra light typeface, the tagline does not have enough contrast and is fighting a bit.

Having said what my preference is, I think you all did tremendous work and it would be fantastic if we could retain some of the many ideas that were explored to use in all the various applications. Let's make a list tomorrow of all the applications that we need. We'll need a quick graphic for a simple webpage that has a link to the donation form on the CCA site.

See you all tomorrow. Bring your computers so we can work in class. Thanks again for the hard work.


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  1. You guys did an amazing job!!...I'm totally hooked with the "stretched wall" appearance ...There's a "NIN" attitude to it ;-)

    All three work for me. I like the last one more though...I love the white line that goes across "stream". It gives it some "wavy electronic touch"...