Tuesday, March 3, 2009

field trip project 7

I love going to history and science museums so I was really fascinated walking through the west office studios and being being able to see many of these different projects in progress. 
and also see projects that are intended for long term use (as opposed to short-term trade show oriented projects). 

One thing that sort of stuck out in my head from the initial presentation was of them having to convince a client to put out FEWER of their native american artifacts, when the first instinct would be to put out everything you have. that the overclutter of stuff would take away from the effect as a whole. I sort of got inspiration from that in terms of how to limit how MUCH of the process we choose to show at our exhibit. 

I also appreciated the attention to detail, and the scale models. people do see to trust and relate to something they can touch and feel better than just a computer model (can we use this somehow in our fundraising ideas?)

I also got a great idea for a way for us to display the past years from this wall panel they had there (I got permission to take a picture, but my camera is being weird about sending it to my email right now). it would involve printing the name of the past exhibit, and then the observer would lift up that to reveal further imagery from that show- this would be as opposed to having all of the pictures just all out there, it would keep things more contained). 

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