Monday, March 2, 2009

Project 7 - WOED - Noriko Matsuba

Yay West Office!

The entire office is quite impressive with its wide-open space that encourages creativity and collaboration between designers, the overall organization and cleanliness that allow designers to concentrate on their work without environmental distractions and the array of exhibit models that showcases all their genius. The models are so fascinating in their ability to create an aesthetic functioning space that evokes a certain mood, time or story. It is amazing that these exhibits may be up for a few months to fifteen years and still be just as effective as the opening day!

Our class may be able to implement the principles of their workspace set up. They have separate areas to work on individual projects yet can easily access their neighbors for feedback. So far in class, we crowd around each other and try to map out responsibilities but it is a bit cramped with all the groups and we often do not have our own space to work. If we can create this sort of set up within the classroom, perhaps we can work more comfortably and effectively with each other.

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