Monday, March 2, 2009

Project 7: WOED (Connie)

DAI 524 Exhibits

Professor Trogu

Spring 2009

West Office Exhibition Design

“West Office is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialized in interactive museums, cultural centers and corporate exhibits.” (– WOED)

I love West Office Exhibition Design! The class field trip to West Office Exhibition design was an amazing learning experience that impressed and inspired me artistically and creatively. All West Office Exhibition Design’s team of 25 valuable designers is incredibly talented and skilled. The team consists of 5 exhibit designers, 5 multimedia designers, 5 graphic designers, 5 product designers, 3 architectural designers, and 2 office workers. They have backgrounds in industrial design, product design, graphic design, and architectural design.

What was interesting to me on this adventure at West Office Exhibition Design are the model designs on display. The small models are super cute and super elaborate. Looking at them made me want to make miniature models right there and then. What was equally interesting to me was the open office space. The spacious work environment gives a comfortable feeling that encourages creative communication between designers.

I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to visit and explore West Office Exhibition Design. Visiting West Office Exhibition Design is genuinely a special and memorable treat to me. The inspirational experience was well worth the trip to Oakland from San Francisco.

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