Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Project 7 : West Office Design | Wilson Chiu

West Office Exhibition Design

I really enjoyed walking around and seeing every part of the design office because I was very curious as to how real designers work. Unlike the Mauk Design office, the West Office was very spaced out. I felt almost too cluttered up in the Mauk Design office whereas in the West Office, I felt free to wander around. The office itself was almost an exhibit for young designers to get lost in.

The head of West Office, Andy Kramer, gave a great presentation in their design process. He talked about research, concept, development, and final stages of exhibit design. I was completely immersed in his presentation because it reminded me so much of what we learn back in class. Using his methodology, I’ve already begun my own process of exhibit designing.

What really sparked my interest was that Kramer himself was initially a graphic designer to begin with. He doesn’t just do graphics but actually work in every part in the exhibit from concept designing to structure building, which brings me to what Mauk had said before that every designer should be able to design anything.

The West Office experience really added on knowledge to my design ethics an expanded my view on design as a whole. My view on design was paused at one point because there were no direction but now I see design as a limitless opportunity to become just about anything.

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