Monday, March 2, 2009

Project 7, Tabassom

     In West Office Exhibition Design field trip, I really liked the open space of the office, and the way that all designers and departments see and interact with each other without thick and tall walls blocking their way. All the ideas and designs for 1 project were pined up next to each other on a wall and the designers could see them easily or walk up to them to add some new ideas or just make some changes. The open space that they had, made it more accessible and convenient for them to work within the workspace and each other.

     The most effective influence that WOED visit had on me was beautiful models that were laid out everywhere in entire office. The perfectly made models were so adequately detailed that attract every eye in the room to themselves. I could spend minutes standing next to them and observing every piece of the model with admiration.

     In my point of view, since our exhibit is a group project, it is nice to have a space where we put all the ideas that we have for the exhibition next to each other so that we can see them all at the same time. In that order, we can easily subtract the thoughts that we don't like and add the designs that we need more to complete our mission. Also, nicely made models are key to present thoughts to others and that's the other issue that we have to consider.

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