Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Project 7/Steve Belale/West Office

“West Office is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in interactive museums, cultural centers, and corporate exhibits.”

Visiting West Office was a very enjoyable experience. It was cool to see the process behind the building of quite large, educational exhibits. That was a factor that really attracted me to the mindset of the West Office designer; their exhibit designs are designated to that of educational purposes, and not that of corporation trade shows.

I really liked how everything they did was centered in that one warehouse, from designer desks set up with computers to the actual shop where people were hard at work making stuff in front of us. Their skill in model building was also out of this world.

One thing that I picked up on was on one of their sketches for an exhibit posted on a wall. They had posters mounted on a wall so it was like a collage, randomly put up. The display had a lot of life to it and also I know would attract viewers to see it in person. We could possibly hang work up in such a manner, randomly on a wall and also have a key on a podium of some sort in front of it, with the outlines of the posters matching with the display.

Another thing that caught my eye was this big canvas looking thing they had tied up across a section of the ceiling. It had Stream written all over it. It was just a big canvas looking tarp that was tied at each corner to a corner of the ceiling. Two corners were higher than the other opposite two, which created this draping feel to it.

Over all, the trip was great. It is nice to see real life designers in their element and I hope these field trips will rub off on us as the big show approaches us.

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