Monday, May 17, 2010


I had so much fun during the course of the semester, and it culminated during the opening. All the wonderful hard work everyone put in really paid off. Every group, Structures, Logistics, Graphics, and History Wall put in so much time and effort, and the show definitely exhibited this aspect. I would have to say that my favorite part of the exhibit [aside from the history wall] was the structures themselves. From what I could see, everyone enjoyed the design of the structures, as well as how they were arranged. I appreciated, also, that the exhibit was wheelchair accessible without disrupting the design itself. I learned so much during the course of this class and ended up doing things I never would have had the opportunity to experience had I not taken this class.

One aspect of the class that was a bit frustrating was the days where certain groups didn't have a whole lot to do. I think one thing that did help distribute the work load and what gave me the most enjoyment was working on the History Wall project because I was exposed to the structure, graphic, and logistics process. For someone who was weak in almost every area except for Logistics, this experience allowed me to really broaden my horizons.

As for the show itself, I would have to agree that the speeches and awards should have been presented before the food. Even as I was standing on stage, it was annoying to see the speakers interrupted and ignored by exhibit goers who were engrossed in conversation and food. However, the execution of the show was beautiful. I was sad to see it go after only a couple of days :-(.

Last but not least, I believe that communication is key to the success of the class and that communication between the groups could definitely be improved. To do this, I suggest mass emails to be sent out each week for future classes and groups- at least one from each group- so that everyone is on the same page so that everyone can participate to their fullest extent.

TO PINO: Thank you for letting me into the class even though I didn't have experience. This class was the highlight of my semester.


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  1. In pulse thought empress some for me, I had seen some exhibit,but that had different ways and ideas, so this time that made me through some points before I misunderstood beside I am truly and honestly thank you professor Trogu gave me a guideline and showed something that helped me prepare my skill in the future.Also this class improve some points for some graduate or finish a major DAi or Interior Design etc...