Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Pulse Show


The show was great.  Everyone did a great job making it.  There was a nice turnout of people attending the reception.  Great job, logistics.  Structures did an amazing job on building the benches and display cases.  I’m glad there was a media area for all the digital media stuff.  The programs turned out great and the all around design was cohesive. Kodus to the graphics team.  


Have the reception speech in the beginning and wait until after the speech to serve food.  All the commotion around the food took away from hearing everyone talk.  Not to mention, since it was left for towards the end of the show, it felt a little too rushed.  A lot of students from Jane’s lecture course had to leave during the thank you’s cause class was starting and she even gave everyone an hour and a half for attending the reception.

I agree with Mary about the labeling of projects.  It was pretty disorganized, but I’m assuming cause they’re were problems with the database because some names were left out of the Exhibitor list on the program too.

Overall, a little more organization would go a long way regarding next year’s show.  I would also suggest more details regarding the requirements for some work.  Cause we really don’t want the post card scenario to happen again.  Also I would recommend sending out a plain text call for submissions first, then one with an attachment, then try to send out a fancy html email with clickable images .  Rosa’s email client didn’t allow for HTML formatting within emails, this year.  So valuable time was lost trying to perfect the formatting of an email, when the message could’ve been out earlier. 

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