Thursday, May 13, 2010

In Pulse

I think the show was successful. everyone I talked to thought the structures was really cool, and seeing the font everywhere. I think the graphics/structures were cohesive. and I really liked the pins that Pino passed out in the end, its a nice souvenir. The media chamber was really the best part of the show. the polaroid booth should have been there at the beginning of the show!! It was a really cool idea.

just a few thoughts:

1. labels for projects could have been more organized. We should have done everything completely online, and made sure that each project had a name attached to it. Too many projects did not have names on them, and even when professors say they'll do the forms, actually follow up on them. A lot of students who wanted their work in the show said that their professor turned it in for them, and that never happened for some of the projects. Maybe we could have written down names as each project was being put up.

2. strict deadlines with submissions. We cannot have people just ADD their project into the show because they failed to follow the deadline. They cannot be "overruled." Just because someone is a grad student or in some design group doesnt mean they have special permissions. We have a deadline for a reason, and if they did not meet it, they cannot be in the show. end of story. The fact that we kept extending it and they still werent able to meet it wasn't good on their part. I dont care if their feelings were hurt. Its part of life, deal with it. (the submissions thing bothered me the most because of the way some students reacted to this. anyone who had to deal with these people deserve a special reward and a drink. seriously.)


on another note, my cousin came in In Pulse pants:

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