Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Pulse follow up

It was a relief to see the exhibit finally come together. It wasn't ready for the cold opening, and many of us were running around the following day putting on name tags as people started to file in, but it got completed just in time for the official opening.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if everything would be in place and presentable in time. I was also surprised at how clean the structures ended up looking. Even though I am a big fan of minimalism, I was afraid the structures would look simple in contrast to previous exhibits, but I found myself favoring the way it turned out. I think the digital media center really stole the show and was finally able to have a spotlight, as opposed to last year's exhibit.
The turn out for the ceremony was great, and aside from the technical difficulties with the projector, I think it was an overall success. It was also quite nice to hear Mitchell Mauk's compliments as reinforcement from the perspective of an exhibit designer. It's fantastic to have it finally done, but it's sad to see our hard work go down. Good job, team.

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