Tuesday, May 18, 2010

in pulse follow up

Even though things were being straightened out and finished at 6:00p.m. at the time when the opening ceremony was supposed to take place the show still went on. I heard so many great things about the sting system, the history wall, and the digital media station. Mitchell Mauk said that this years show was more impressive than the stream show. I was very pleased to see the size of the outcome and all the food and snacks to accommodate them.

In critique, I would like to have seen the show be up and ready on Tuesday when it was supposed to be completed. There were also many name tags missing which was the direct result of students not following the guidelines for submitting their work online. We needed to be more stern with the students who were submitting their work in regards to having it in on time, as well as trusting us to take care of their design work.

I think despite all the fighting, arguing, and turning down of our design ideas, the show still came through in the end and pleased the crowd.

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