Saturday, May 15, 2010

InPulse Show

Overall, I must say well done team! Although there were many organizational details that lacked clear cohesiveness, I think it was a good effort from everyone and people were thoroughly impressed. I think the structures team especially came through when we needed them too seeing how we didn't even start building till two weeks before the show and everything was done. I was really impressed by the overall execution because I couldn't get a clear image in my head of what everything was going to ultimately look like and in the end I thought the posters hanging looked really great. I also liked the way they were laid out amongst the space and the way the digital media was placed centrally in the hall. Everything looked so professional and people were impressed with the final look of the show. The lamps done by the product designers were a really nice touch as well that enhanced our theme of the "inPulse." My only suggestions for next year would be to have a specific date mapped out by a logistics coordinator that gives a deadline as to when the structures need to be built. Also I think that the structures team and logistics team need to work closer together when it comes down to the ultimate layout of the structures so that the logistics team can early on start planning out where they want to out work so it is easier to identify with name tags. That is one thing we lagged on as a logistics team was the label situation, we needed to keep better track of what work was going in the show and what wasn't and where the work was to be placed so that come label time, they would be easy to identify. Still, a fantastic job and what a great turn out! I am impressed with everyone as a class, a team, and a collaborative creative effort!

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