Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think the final outcome of the show was a great success. However getting to that finish line was a chore in of itself.

1. There should be prerequisites to get into the class. For example, DAI 300 or DAI 322, or student can demonstrate proficiency in design software.

2. There should not be students that are not in the class allowed in setting up the show. For example, product designers only handling and displaying their projects for the betterment of their visual space. Students can bring up their projects but they can not tell exhibit students where and when to display things.

3. Students in the exhibit class should be held accountable to putting in their fair share of work in the class during holidays and after school to make the exhibit happen. In the beginning of the class there should be a contract signed where the exhibit students are aware of the work load they are required to do throughout the class.

4. Self starters should be spread throughout groups. I was fortunate enough to have all self starters and people who were willing to take on more responsibility in logistics. Ideally these self starters should have been distributed to other groups to even out the group participation.

5. Anything that is purchased should be run through the logistics team as well as the instructor. This way the logistics member in charge of the budget can see monies coming in and out instead of playing catch up on getting reimbursements.

6. Soliciting donations should be the focus of all three groups. A logistics member can not possibly know that there are multiple types of wood or different lights to ask to be donated. Instead of just asking companies for quotes on products (graphic and structures) there should be a solicit of donation.

7. Exhibit students should know and be held accountable to working on multiple projects throughout the semester. A logistics member sanding in the workshop. A graphics person cutting out foam core to mount on the history wall. Etc

8. The Valentine’s Day project should have not taken so long to complete. There is a schedule and members of the class need to be held accountable to keeping this schedule.

9. The graphics team should be solely made in charge of conceptualizing, developing and implementing the exhibit’s logo. Logistics and structures have other things to do rather than sitting through a graphic debate on which logo is going to be used.

10. Finalize structures at spring break. In In Pulse’s case the graphics of the exhibit followed structure shapes.

11. There should be a strict limit of people in the class. In our class there were too many students thus causing people to stand around waiting for something to do. The smaller class size would allow projects to get done faster.

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