Friday, April 13, 2012

Structures reuse drawings and miscellany; Downloads

Here are the drawing sheets for our modified Chroma structures. In addition to these will be the square blocks that a few of the logistics team helped with which will likely be shown Tuesday. They will essentially be made in the same fashion but stand independently like pedestals and display products on top.

In the meantime, here are the sheets, renders and files to reference from.

The first two drawings are variations on what we've discussed as a group and the second shows the direction we went. You can see the proposed light structures in previous renderings. The following two drawings are based off of what was actually built along with some hopefully clear dimensions so it can be reproduced/referenced from along with an exploded view and bill of materials to illustrate how it assembles with the necessary parts.

Although our vision is less disco and more Tron, it gives a good idea of how things should be looking. In progress are the proposed mods to the top fascia for creating the most effective change in silhouette given the constraints. The 8' pedestals may be scratched since functionally, they don't serve much use. Instead, we plan to stack two of the intermediary height pieces to create the desired effect while still remaining usable for future shows as a parts base.

Finally, the files. Jpegs, then PDFs. The pictures on the blog are full size but are included in the link as well. I will be adding the Solidworks Part and Assembly files also in future posts.

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