Thursday, April 12, 2012

Structure Prototype, Beer Pong Round 2, Kickstarter

Hello all!

Structures Sneak Peak!

First up…a sneak peek of what the Structures team has been working on! Here is Lee, the coordinator of the Structures team, standing in front of a prototype:

Kickstarter Needs Your Support!

Keep spreading the word about our Kickstarter fundraising page!

We need all the help we can get! We're making progress—currently 1/3rd of the way towards $1,600—but with only 19 days left, we're starting to feel the pressure!

Thanks for spreading the word!

Visit the Chroma Kickstarter webpage!

Beer Pong Round II — Tomorrow!

Since our first Beer Pong fundraising event went well, we're looking forward to Round 2 tomorrow evening! Drop by and tell all your friends (as long as you're over 21)! Logistics members Drew and Luis whipped up a pretty badass championship belt, seen below:

Visit the Beer Pong Competition event page!

A Drink for Trogu!

Last but not least…a shout out to our hard-working coordinator, Professor Pino! He's been working so hard, he deserved an awesome beverage (of alcoholic nature), on us! Here he is, taking a well-deserved break during an AIGA fundraiser last night.

Until next time! One month away guys!

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