Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Logistics: Donor Letters + Phone Calls, Kickstarter, Beer Pong Round 2!

Hello! Lots of news and development from the Logistics side of Chroma.

Donation Requests

First of all, we've sent out the wave of letters and made phone calls to all the prospective donors.

Click here to donate!


Secondly, our Kickstarter fundraising page is live! For those who don't know, Kickstarter allows creators to share their projects with the world and to draw donations from those who are interested. This should be a great way for us (which we've never used before!) to try to raise funds for our show! Our goal is $1,600, which is pretty lofty, so feel free to promote it to your friends, classmates, professors, bosses, or on Facebook!

Click here to check out our Kickstarter page. Promote it on your Facebook page!

CHROMA Beer Pong Competition

Thirdly, our last Beer Pong Competition was such a success that we're having one more round to gather more funds before the show! Last time, despite hurricane-esque weather, we still had a great turnout. This time, we're hoping for nice spring weather and we're also increasing the fees. Hopefully we can make significantly more this time! You're all invited to come (as long as you're 21 and up, of course).

Click here for more info about the CHROMA Beer Pong Competition!

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