Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chroma Website Update, Beer Pong Part II Succes, 2.5 Weeks Left

Chroma Website Now Updated with Official SF State Theme

Our official website has now been updated to have the official San Francisco State University theme!

Check it out!

Beer Pong, Round II—Success

Our beer pong fundraiser yielded yet another successful outcome, with a good amount of money raised as well as increased awareness for our exhibition! And of course, a lot of us involved in this exhibition needed a break to just drink and have a good time.

2.5 Weeks Left

It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon—perhaps the best one this year yet—but we're on campus working on the exhibition. It's the final stretch, and there are tasks we need to stay on top of—scheduling, getting the speakers, food, music, promoting, etc etc. Final stretch!

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