Friday, January 30, 2009

exhibition name

I just came up with this idea about the name of the exhibition.
"On"-- design is a process that keeps going on.
"In"-- 1. DAI student design work is something fresh, new and currently IN.
           2. the audiences are actually IN this exhibition as well as the process.
in addition to the second point, we can possibly turn part of the exhibit works into a participation, as in the audiences' participation is part of the art work. 


  1. when I think "on" I think of a light and then I think illuminate,
    when I think "in" I think of being immersed

    when I think of immersion it sounds to long so I think plunge,

    overall its a cool concept, because it focuses on the students which is the exhibits focus, though when I try to imagine telling someone during the promotional phase, and I think that every single person would ask what does it mean? "on and In"

    and if we have a name that stimulates conversation, what is the message that we really want to promote?

    If the old show for example was "spank" where the students like "oh it just sounded cool"?

    if our show is "dare we say green" , then it could promote awareness about sustainability.

  2. everyone is talking about green now. so if green is part of our name, it is kind of too common.

  3. The idea/concept is somewhat interesting, however, for name sake, I do not think that it is catchy. I am pretty sure that 'spank' had a good rationale for calling their exhibition just that, 'spank.' I doubt they gave it that name because they thought it just sounded cool, although you can't deny that it has that factor.

    I along with a couple of others are not entirely sold on the whole concept of turning the whole exhibit into a green show. Not that I don't personally share the same sentiment as the majority do regarding sustainablity, however, I believe that we the show can be green without it being the overall theme.