Wednesday, January 28, 2009

group 3

(some of these are also overlap with what we discussed as a class as a WHOLE.)

we discussed having some sort of progression, a pathway, line, spiral for the exhibit as a whole. having to walk down through a section displaying images etc. of all the previous years, winding up to this years exhibition.

materials: using only (or primarily) re-used materials. the trick being to use these materials to create something that doesn't look like it was strung together with yarn and old soda bottles.
this could tie in to the 20 year celebration and this idea of looking back, as in we are re-using the "past" (old recycled materials) to create the "future" (the current exhibit).

displays: as far as individual pieces, showing a piece of work from its conception to its completion. perhaps using layers and/or transparencies. panels one in front of the other. or perhaps each leading to the next. incorporating the "process" book and sketches in to the display for the completed project itself. perhaps a collage of the work. the key here would be to make the ENTIRE design process transparent, and that the viewer would not need to open or flip through an actual "process book." to figure out a way to somehow make each display a clear look in to the artists idea/conception/process, not just their completed project.

names: one consideration was a play on the word twenty, the number 20. perhaps the concept of age or history. also: all the names in the past all seem to have all sounded vaguely greek or latin, haven't they? maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to try and break away from that then...

themes: we all agreed that we should try to stay away from anything too gimicky, or overwhelming. the goal is to create a way to make people better able to experience the art, not to make something that is going to distract and draw the viewers attention away.
the theme could be this idea of getting inside the process.
pieces of a whole.
re-visiting the past.
this idea of needing to be able to see how things started, and how they progressed, and how they are completed (this would tie in with the idea of bringing in elements/images/representations of past exhibitions).

thats it for now.
wow that was a bit long....

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