Saturday, January 31, 2009

Project 1 Xin Zhao

It is really nice I went to Vans since the Jack Adams hall has curved walls which are similar to Vans store.

In the store, what i like the most is the rest area where you can try out the shoes. There is a table-seats. In the center part of the seat there is squared shaped cube, and the center of the cube is empty so they can store magazines there and they can display some smaller items on top of the cube. Therefore, when people are waiting for friends, they can read the magazines. I think this idea can be used in our exhibition since we will have some sketch books and booklets. If we have a seating area like this, people will able to seat down and go through the sketch books or the booklets. And I believe this will also bring a museum kind atmosphere.

I like the path idea a lot so i was thinking about maybe we can set a path in the entrance area, such as in the pic. In the path way we can show the history and this path will lead us to the present time. It will work ok during the regular exhibition time. However, it might be too crowded since there will be plenty of people for the opening.

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