Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reverb structures details and materials specifications

Details presented by structures team on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1. How does sintra panel attach to aluminum panel

2. Foot of panels. How does sintra panel sit on the ground. Consider need for gaps to route electrical wires if needed.

3. Shelf. How does bracket for shelf attach to sintra panel or to aluminum channel.

4.How does shelf attach to bracket. Determine depth of shelf based on available raw material (8'X4' sintra or ply).

5-6. How does lighting (which type) attach to upper shelf. Determine upper shelf which also functions as stiffener for structure.

7. How does aluminum cross brace attach to upper shelf or aluminum channels.

8. Islands with shelves. Design matches larger wall except less vertical material (none?) Consider using 1"x1" channel of which we already have some. Must display 3D products, hold DVD players and various projectors. Must route electrical and AV wiring.

9. Projection screens. Approx. 48"x36". Determine frame material for stretching fabric with thread. How do frames attach to uprights. Determine number of screens. Ideally 24 screens but getting 24 LCD projectors is a challenge. Slide projectors only show static images, not very appealing.

10. Artwork hanging system. Determine method for hanging artwork.

Attached are also the dimensions of the materials currently being considered. If we need to double up on the sintra that's OK. A quick calculation of 48 panels x $40 is still less than $2000. the shelves could be wood. I did a rough quick calculation: sintra: $2000; channel: $2000; 1/2" plywood: 1000. The plywood includes shelves for the main structures (12x48 each) and shelves for the islands (24x48 each), 6 for each island, stacked 3 times, one for products and 2 for equipment. Lighting is still out of the picture and it needs to be addressed.

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