Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reverb - Logo sketches - Ver.2 - Sat. Feb. 13, 2011 - Pino's comments

Hi graphics team,

I looked at the variations you made based on Thursday sketches. I assembled the three that I think still have the most potential in a single page, in the order from most potential to least, in my opinion. We can still discuss all the others as well, if you post them on the official blog: it's easier I can post comments.

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

Design 1.
This is one of the original sketches, I think it's still very strong. I placed the images which I believe inspired it, although several people had similar ideas. The font is probably not quite right yet, although despite what I said about caps being more readable for this word, here lower case seems to work, maybe because the monospace font and wide serifs give it more character. I believe it can be very flexible, with the background design and the thickness of the wire changing from version to version, or maybe just the color changes, with the reversed font staying the same. The wire design maybe can be automated and many designs could be generated automatically. (I am attaching an art piece by a recent art grad student who did a series of drawings made by a rolling ball over carbon paper in a tray as he traveled from place A to place B with his pickup truck, a kind of automatic but random design -- Jesse Houlding). The "wire" could become an actual three-dimensional object in the show. Adding the tag-line to this will be tough but can be done.

Design 2.
The image in the blog was really small, so I enlarged it and it's probably blurrier than it should be. I like its simplicity, how the "RE" is only slightly off, without being a complete separate word (as was in another design). This look has been done before but then again, what hasn't? One could play with the degree of fuzzyness and the color change in the two shadows at the sides.

Design 3.
Although this one is maybe too much about "sound", the symmetry makes it strong. The difficulty would be managing the contrast between the bold letters and the thin black and gray strokes of the circles.

I thought that the logo that had the handwritten (wire) tag-line connecting the side letters was not as strong. Also, the "LED" logo seemed too literal, about electronic display.

What do you guys think? Maybe you can discuss amongst yourselves first or on the blog. I will post these notes and the image also on the blog.



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