Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project 1: Lupicia Fresh Tea

The store that I sketched a floor plan on was the Lupicia Fresh Tea store. It is a small simple store that had a simple rectangle shape. I simply sketched in the tables that were in the store and there were also small movable table that were for sampling tea. There were also shelves on the wall that were spread out from the front of the entrance to the other side near the back door. The back door was at the opposite side of the front entrance and it was behind the cashier. There were a total of five tables, including the movable tables. The small little table (sales) that was connecting to the wall on the right side of the store was part of the wall that was sticking out of the side. There was a small sample table in front the window on the right side of the store. There are two windows; one on each sides of the front entrance. In front of these windows are steps that were connected from the window to the wooden floors. This store was set up with a big open space in the middle of the store. There is also open space behind the tables and behind the cashier.
I thought this store was mostly successful with the layout of the store because all that open space gives the customers a nice big walkway to see all the different kinds of teas. Also it makes it easy for someone to backup and look at the teas that are shelved up on the walls. The windows are nice and big to show people walking by that this is a colorful and interesting store to go into, even though they may not like tea. The lighting is also a plus in the store because the lighting was really bright and made it really easy to see all the different names of the teas and
The problematic of the store would have to be the cramped space behind the counters of the employees. Even though the store is towards more for the customers, the employees still needs space to move about and have room to reach high shelves and low shelves. Also the steps in front of the windows don’t really have a reason there.
The aspects of this store could be useful with the lighting that was used in Lupicia Tea’s store. The lighting is really bright and the show could use really bright lights to brighten up the projects and the mood of the people coming inside to look around. I think light is very important when dealing with an exhibit. Open space is also very important because you need to find a way how people will walk in a order of way.

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