Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Project #1 - Stonestown Galleria's Lupicia Fresh Tea

Fresh Tea
The Lupicia Fresh Tea store located at Stonestown Galleria has a successful layout presentation. Everything there makes sense and serves a purpose. It is spatially well organized and uncluttered. The space is approximately 20 x 70 ft wide. The spatial relationship between the items and the empty space in the store are visually interesting because it gives people easy access and a comfortable relaxing feeling. The entrance in the front of the store has two large glass doors wide open that is inviting and welcoming. Next to the doors are the two wide glass store windows with relaxing tea displays behind them. Inside the store contains a simple tea display table at the center in front, a tea sampling table area with cups on the right side in front, an on "sale" tea table section area at the center on the right side of the wall support post, a large tea variety display/cabinet on the left side in the center, on the wall are glass shelves with tea displaying on the right side, there are selves and drawers containing tea on the left side taking up the whole entire wall, and the check out cash register area is at the back in front of the back counter that is against the back wall. All the display fixtures presented work well with the general circulation because of the roomy open space in the middle of the store. The circulation gives an easy flow of relaxation with air and space available in the center of the store that encourages people to be adventurous and explore. The main characteristics of the store contains the theme that conveys the healthy, relaxing and most importantly the stress free time for tea. The tea theme is a natural outdoor design of bamboo, wood, and fabric surfaces and textures. The colors of the store relates to theme and provides a healthy relaxing vibe with natural fresh earthy tones. The tones are of light to medium wooden brown floors, walls, and display cabinet/drawer storage in contrast to the dark natural leafy green grass color table cloths and outlines of the store. The clean white table cloths matched the ceiling color of soft cloudy white sky. On the ceiling are air vents, fire alarm and several sprinklers for fire safety. The ceiling also has several spotlights above the store in three different sizes. The lights are equally spaced above, except for a row of spotlights above the main tea cabinet display to highlight more focus and give more power in that area. The lighting is softly brightly lighted complimenting the store well by giving just enough light to see, but not blinding to the eyes. The tea advertisement signages and posters of tea varieties, tea names, tea advice, tea suggestions, and tea information ("Black Tea", "Green Tea", "Herbal Tea", "ORZO", "Pumpkin Pie", "Lemon Pie", "YUZU", "Takibi", "Chestnut", "Tea Bags", "Life Through", "Seasonal Gifts", "Sale", "Birthday", "Staff Recommendation", "Now Sampling", "Teaholics", "Top Five Winter Tea", and "Lupicia Top 10 Best Seller") stood out because of the good lighting that genuinely makes a difference and helps the environmental graphics and overall visual identity of Lupicia Fresh Tea. The aspects of the simple, yet elaborate organized design of a good lighted spatial atmosphere and environment in spaces that serves purpose and meaning could be attractive and useful towards defining the DAI exhibit show.

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