Friday, February 6, 2009

J crew store Stonestown

Hey guys, Here's the updated version of the Stonestown project 1 sketch I have been working on. To recap, the store is organized into two parts: female and male section. Both entry doors, gave access to these two sections. These two categories have their own respective work space with one shop representative ready to assist their clients. Everything in between the store ranges from secondary products such as sunglasses, bags to makeup.

My first observation looked at the store windows, which did not cover the entire surface of the outside walls. Approximately 1/4 of the outside periphery of the shop is blue painted and shows no inside view, except for the main J-Crew logo.

There is only one entrance that consists of two doors. The doors open out and stay automatically set in that direction. The entrance is located no more than 10 meters from two escalators (making the connection to the first floor). The escalators are set perpendicular to the doors. The client has to make a 90 degree turn to enter it, which is nice and convenient.

The lighting is set in three categories on the ceiling; the female section with approximately 20 lights on each end of its given 100 square foot area and about 15 on the male end, on the other side of the store. The middle section was equipped with 10 lights aligned going from the entry doors to the very back of the shop.
The floor was entirely made of clear brown wood (parquet) and seemed well maintained.Unfortunately, pictures inside aren't allowed.

The visual identity seemed reserved, emphasizing more on clothing display and furniture rather than posters graphics or magazines. Depending on what type of students' projects will be displayed at the show, maybe this is something to consider as we're organizing through the theme (...) product design on one site, and graphic on the other.

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